Since Tiptapp is a marketplace where you who advertise and pick up things act in the form of a private individual, there is no direct receipt for the download, which means that there is no VAT either.

How do I get a "Receipt"?

Once the ad has been confirmed and paid for and you are logged in to your Tiptapp account, you can easily download the "receipt" through your ad:

  1. Open the app and tap "My ads" at the bottom of the menu

  2. Press "Completed" and select the ad

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the ad and click on "Get receipt"

We named it "Get Receipt" in the app to make it easier for our users.

Note that you can get up to 2 different documents & receipts:

  • Your chosen payment for the pickup, receipt through the "Get receipt" button (This documentation is your payment for the help, no VAT available)

  • Advertising cost, receipt through the "get receipt" button (This cost is payment to Tiptapp and is separate, here is VAT available)

Please begin by looking at your trash bin if the "receipt" did not reach your email.

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