Tiptapp is a community where we who use the app help each other, which means that all contact takes place directly between you as users. After someone has been chosen for a pick up, you can contact each other through a chat that you find in the ad so that you do not have to give out any phone numbers. When a message is sent, the other person receives a push notification, so a tip is to have the notifications turned on!

I do not get an answer?

This usually means that the other user has not had time to see your contact attempt. Example: An advertiser might be in a meeting, the helping user might be driving or being at another pickup, or it might be very early or late at night where the other person is sleeping. There are many reasons, be patient!

In the worst case, you as an advertiser can cancel when the time expires, or announce that the person does not need to come and create a new ad if it is in a hurry.

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