All users in the app, advertisers and helping users, can see their own and each other's ratings and statistics to give a transparent picture about their profiles to each other. This includes ratings given between users after completed or uncompleted pickups, as well as statistics on how often someone comes within the selected time and the number of ads that you were selected for and completed.


Your rating is based on the percentage of how many thumbs up or thumbs down you received.

Ratings are given for both completed and uncompleted ads from both users.

If for some reason you did not want to give a rating immediately upon completion of the ad, you can do so afterwards through the ad. You can also change your rating within 24 hours.

We will ask you to rate the next time you open the app if you would forget to give a rating.

The rating is updated every 24 hours, so it can sometimes take some time before your rating updates.

You will see your historical rating and the last 30 ads in your profile, to give you a better idea if it is getting better or worse.


Statistics are only available for those who have picked up something and are based on how often you cancel and how often you arrive on time. The purpose is to give the person that wants help a possibility to compare between requests and select someone they believe will be able to manege on time and/or complete the pickup.

It is therefore important that you arrive on time and that you complete the advertisements for which you have been selected as much as possible in order to have a good chance of being selected for more ads in the future.

If both of you agree to cancel, or if something happens that prevents you from picking up or completing the ad, the helping will have the opportunity to describe this to the advertiser when cancelling. The advertiser will then have the opportunity to agree to this so that it does not negatively affect your statistics.


Should there be something you would like to inform us about, please use the report function via the rating screen or the other users profile view.

We have also created a number of tags where you can highlight if the other user was, for example, particularly good at communicating or if there were more items on the location than shown in the images. There are positive and negative tags based on the most common situations.

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