All users see their own and each other's ratings and statistics within the app to give as transparent an image as possible to each other. This includes ratings given between users after completed or incomplete pickups, as well as statistics on how often someone arrives within the selected time and number of completed ads that they have applied for and been selected for. Good ratings and statistics above all give a greater chance of being chosen for ads.

Keep in mind that all ratings and statistics might not always feel "fair" when situations arise between the advertiser and the helping user, but it is the same for everyone.


Your rating is an average of the ratings you received from other users on completed or incomplete ads.

Here are some tips:

  • Treat others as you yourself want to be treated

  • Make sure you take everything that is shown in the ad / that the ad clearly shows and describes to be picked up

  • Be careful when carrying things away so no property is damaged on the way out

  • Do not cancel pickups unnecessarily

It will take a while to increase your rating again if it has gone down.

If you have a maximum rating, your rating may decrease slightly even though the advertiser is satisfied as it is an average rating.


STATISTICS - Punctuality

The advertiser and the helping user agree on a time in the app together with a few simple clicks. The person who picks up has the statistics "Punctuality", which shows how often the person has completed a pick-up within the time slot.

Here are some tips:

  • Only choose time slots when you are available / that you can really show up for

  • Do not apply ("Overbook") too much so that you do not have time for what you have been and might be chosen for

Your statistics for "punctuality" may go up or down by a few % at a time depending on how many pickups you have made.


STATISTICS - Completed

The helping user has the statistics "Completed" which shows how many ads he or she has been selected on that have been completed.

Here are some tips:

  • Look carefully at the ads before you apply so that you can really complete the ads

"Completed" stats may go up or down by a few % at a time depending on how many pickups you have made.

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