As an Advertiser:

You may cancel the pickup from your ads meny "Cancel pick-up" once the time slot expired.

Why? So that the person have the chance to complete the ad.
But I changed my mind? That is fine! Try to call the person or try to write a message, just make sure that you agree!
How do I find my ad? The easiest way is to open the app and press "Activities" in the bottom meny (iOS) or in the dark field. (Android).

The helping user will be informed automatically when you cancel and your ad will be republished so that you can get help from someone else. The rating for the helping user will go down. You can use the upper right meny "..." if you would like to delete your ad after you cancelled.


As Helper:

You can cancel a pickup at any time via the ad's"Cancel ad" menu if you for some reason can't fulfil the pick-up. The "Completed" stats will go down and you may have your rating downgraded by the advertiser.

The easiest way to find your pickuos is to open the app and press "Activities" at the bottom of the menu.

If you cancel, you will be asked why you canceled. This is sent to the advertiser who can take the reason as an aid in assessment when setting a rating. If you cancel a lot, it will be difficult for you to be selected as a helping user in the future.

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