To register a bank account, you need to open your profile. You can either register a bank account by adding your clearing and account number or by adding your IBAN number.

☝️Enter either bank account number or IBAN – not both.

❗Please note that your personal details have to be correct for the payments to work.


How do I enter my bank account number to the app?

Swedbank bank account standard: CCCC-C XXX XXX XXXX (5 + 10 = 15 digits).
C = Clearing
X = Bank account number

Enter the five first numbers without hyphen in the clearing number box, and the rest (X) in the bank account box, without spaces.

Nordea bank account with 11 digits: CCCC XXXXXXX (4 + 7 = 11 digits)
C = Clearing
X = Bank account number

Nordea personal bank account with 10 digits: 3300 XXXXXX XXXX
3300 = Clearing
X = Bank account number

If your bank account is your personal number (10 digits), 3300 is your clearing number.



IBAN is an international standard for bank account numbers. IBAN consists of a country code, control numbers, bank code and the bank account number. The purpose with IBAN is to make payments more secure and convenient.

Your IBAN number consists of 24 digits. It always starts with the region code and is followed by digits For example: SE0000000123450012345678.

Where can I find my IBAN?
Normally you will find the IBAN for your bank account when you login to your bank on the Internet.

Click here to get your IBAN number

Read more about payments here:

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