Anyone is free to send a pick-up request unless it's already stated as "help on the way", the majority of ads get several requests directly after being published.

You'll send a request directly through the ad by pressing "Pick up". The advertiser often chooses someone quickly while it in other cases may be a delay. You can either leave the request and wait or remove your request. Your rating will not be affected if you decide to remove the request unless you already got chosen and aborts.

How the pick-up is done:

  1. Request a pick-up with the time slots your available

  2. Make sure to show up within the time slot if you get chosen

  3. Mark the ad as "Complete" before you leave the adress once you're done (A Here to There or Charity ad will be marked as collected on the first address and then as dropped-off on the second adress)

  4. You'll document the recycling with our "check-in" function as a last step once you're at the recycling center

  5. The advertiser will confirm & pay once they had the chance to see that everything is gone

Keep in mind that you are personally responsible for making sure that what you’ve picked up is handled according to existing laws and that your activity in the app and your pick-ups are reviewed continuously. Only you are allowed to use the account you’ve registered in the app. Abuse can lead to legal actions.

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