Nice! Make sure that you arrive within the time slot. The time, address and other information like floor and door code can be found in the ad that you were selected as a "Helper" for.

Here to There Ads

Once everything has been picked up in the first location, you mark it as pickup up so that the advertiser now know you have the item and is on your way. You now deliver the item to the second location and mark it as dropped off once the item has been received by the advertiser.

The advertiser will not inspect the item, and then confirm and pay.

Recycling Ads

Once everything has been picked up, you mark the ad as "Picked up" and take a photo in the back of your trunk, the advertiser will then confirm once they have had the opportunity to do so.

You now go to a recycling center and document the recycling by first taking a photo of the same items in the back of your trunk, and then another image in the back of your now empty trunk once everything has been thrown correctly. This is saved with time and geo-position. Tiptapp will look at all the documentation before the money is sent.

You may also keep things instead of recycling them, which can be done from the ad directly, you will then describe why you would like to keep the items.

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