The best ads receive requests to pick up from many other helpers.

An advertiser will choose a helper by:

  • Time slots

  • Rating

  • Statistics

Having a nice profile picture will also increase your chances of being selected.

Time slots:
Offering as many time slot options as possible will result in a bigger chance that the advertiser will find a matching time slot.

A high rating will lead to more pick ups as this shows the advertisers are happy and proves that you can complete the pick-ups you get picked at. Aborting pick-ups will make it harder to get selected as your rating will go down. Get a good rating by showing up on time, calling the advertiser if there is any issue and cleaning up after the job. Having a small brush at hand is a good idea or ask if you may borrow one from the advertiser.

Your number of completed pick-ups will be shown in your statistic which will lead give a good impression towards the advertisers that you are able to complete pick-ups.

Make sure that you activated push-notifications and be ready to apply when a new ad is being published. Most people already apply within 10-20 seconds. Being selected in 1 ad out of 10 requests is considered good. You can always withdraw your request if you're not being chosen within a few minutes. You will have a slight delay before you see the ad if both the advertiser and you are new in the platform.

I need more help!
You could always try to apply on ads with lower payment, give-away ads or Here to There below 300kr as less people will apply for these. It should give you a higher chance to get selected and get started. Your rating should also be higher once you completed 1-3 of these ads.

Aborting your first pick-ups will most likely lead to a limitation of your account in order for us to have a look how we can help. Aborting more then 1 ad in 10 completed will be considered high. Aborting more often will lead to limitation and lower rating, which will result in less pick-ups.

We will approve your account and active the payouts once you completed your first pick-up. We normally approve the account within 24 hours while weekends may be a bit delayed.

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