It is completely free to download the app, all payment is made via the app and you pay easily at the touch of a button in the app when everything is done!

All payment goes through the app and the amount you have determined as payment is reserved on the payment card you registered when you select a helping user. When the pickup is complete, click on "Confirm and pay" directly in the app in your ad to send the payment. The easiest way to find your ad is to open the app and click on "Activities" at the bottom.

Please note: We do not support other payment methods such as Swish or cash on the platform. Only pay through the app.

If you choose to create an ad, you only pay the amount you choose when publishing + a small fee to Tiptapp, and you only pay when the pickup is complete. If the pickup is canceled, you don't pay anything. You only confirm the payment yourself after you are satisfied with the help you have received. The person who helps you gets 75% from your payment and Tiptapp 25%.

You only need to register your debit card once and all information is encrypted and stored securely with our payment partner, Stripe.

If you have an iPhone, you can also use Apple Pay for payments in Tiptapp.

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