Tiptapp is only a marketplace where the full responsibility lies with the users, primarily the private person who chooses to pick up something as the person after picking up can choose to use or throw away parts, or everything that has been picked up.

We have built something we call "Documentation for recycling" where the person who picks up something shows that everything is taken care of in the correct way in order to continue to pick up more "Recycling ads" in the app.

How does it work?

When a person retrieves a "Recycling ad", the user takes a picture in the trunk that everything has been retrieved. The user who picked up then takes a picture in the back of the car when he or she is at the recycling center, and then a picture after everything has been thrown away that it is now empty.

The app also documents the geo-coordinates so that the person is at the recycling center and does not leave the space between the images, as well as the time so that the recycling center is open.

The person who picks up can of course also choose to keep whole things for recycling!

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