Each time you select a helping user, the amount advertised in your ad is reserved on your credit card. This is done as a security measure so that everyone can feel secure that there is an ability to pay and that the payment can thus be sent after the pickup has been completed. The reservation is converted into a transaction and the payment is sent when you are satisfied and close the ad by clicking on "Confirm & Pay".

The reservation will be released immediately from our payment partner, Stripe, if the ad would be cancelled for any reason. However, it is the case that different banks take different lengths of time before they make the amount available again in your account. This can happen almost immediately or take a few days. For further information about what exactly applies to your reservation times, we must ask you to contact your bank. (Usually it takes up to 3 days)

The payment will be reserved again if you choose a new helping user for your ad, which means that you can experience that it has been reserved several times. Note that no transaction is made unless you yourself approve the completed pickup and close the ad. This means that Stripe never withdrew any money but only reserved your chosen payment.

It is important that all payment is made via the platform as we receive 25% of the amount and that we receive documentation of recycling ads that everything is taken care of and ends up in the right place.

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