Knowing what a reasonable payment is can be hard. Therefore, we want to share how we think when we publish ads. Hopefully it’s helpful!


  • Does it take two persons to carry?

  • Is a trailer needed?

  • Is it a quick pick-up or is it time-consuming?


  • Pick-up of small and light things: £10 - £15

  • Bigger items that fill up the trunk of a van: £30 - £50

  • Fills up a bigger van / trailer / pick up: £50 - £100*
    * Are two turns necessary? Double it.

Last but not least:

How much would you like to get for what you published? Have i mind that you don’t need to rent a trailer, carry and drive to/sort at the recycling center. How nice? Suddenly, you’ve got time over to do something a lot more fun!

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