When you have published your ad you will get requests from other users "helpers" willing and able to help, together with time suggestions to carry out the task.

Select a helper that suits you. Helpers profiles show their ratings, completed pick-ups and suggested times which will help you decide which helper to select. Once this is done the payment is reserved on your credit card.

When a pick-up is completed you will get a notification in the app so you can confirm and send the payment to the helper. When this is done the reservation becomes a transaction and the payment is sent. As a last step you will be asked to rate the helper and he or she will be asked to rate you as an advertiser.

In mos cases you don't even need to be at home or meet the helper, just simply place your things outside. If you're not at home you will be able to confirm the last step once you have seen that everything has been taken care of.

Please note that the reservation of the payment will be released automatically if the pick-up is aborted. A new reservation is made once you select a new helper.

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