Each time you select a helper the amount advertised in your ad is reserved on your credit card. Once the helper has completed the pick-up and you confirm this in the app, the reservation turns into a transaction and the credit card is charged. This is a safety precaution to ensure that the task is completed before any payments are made.

The reservation will be released automatically if the pick-up would be cancelled for some reason. The time taken to release the funds might vary depending on your bank. (Please contact your bank for more information regarding reservation release times. Normally takes up to 3 days)

If you then select a new helper, the process starts over and a new reservation will be made. Once you confirm that the helper has completed the pick-up the credit card will be charged.

It is important that all payments are made through the app as we take 25% of the amount as payment. This will also help us to secure documentation that everything picked up in the app will be taken care of and end up in the right place.

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