Nice! Make sure that you arrive within the time slot. The time, address and other information like floor and door code can be found in the ad.

Once everything has been picked-up, you press “Pick-up complete” in the app. A message will now be sent to the advertiser to confirm the pick-up when they have the opportunity to do so.

As a last step, you confirm that everything has been taken care of by pressing “Begin recycling” in the bottom of the ad. This is done once you turn up on a place where you are allowed to throw the things you collected, usually a recycling center. Now select all ads that you want to recycle and take a picture if the app requires you to. The picture is saved along with a timestamp and the coordinates of the location. Now press “Send to Tiptapp”.

You may also remove the ad from the recycling list and describe why if you want to keep everything that you picked up as it’s now yours. You take ownership and responsibility of the things you pick up and may keep whatever you’d like. Keep in mind that you have to show recycling of any items that belong in the recycling center that aren’t kept.

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