Keep in mind that Tiptapp is a platform connecting private persons which means that all our users, advertisers and helpers are private persons. We as a company do not perform any pickups and no one is employed by us to pick up anything.

Hämta ut "kvitto":

You can easily claim a receipt once the ad has been closed from your ad. Remember that you need to be logged in to your account:

  1. For iOS: Open the app and click "Activities" in the bottom dark area
    For Android: Open the app and click on the Icon in the upper right corner
  2. Choose ad
  3. Scroll to the bottom and press "Get receipt"

Please note that you will get 2 "receipts", 1 for the amount you paid and 1 for our 19kr fee for the ad. (You will only get 1 receipt in the few cases where 19kr was not added)

You will get an email if you bought an insurance, that email is the "receipt" for that amount.

This means an advertisers receipt for the pickup wont include VAT as the pick-up is done by another private persons, while the receipt for our fee will include VAT.

A helpers receipt will include VAT on the 25% fee that Tiptapp charges for the use of the platform.

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