All users in Tiptapp are private persons, this means that we don't have any control over the contact that happens between the two of you as users.

As an Advertiser, you can contact the helper through your ads menu “Contact helper”, after you’ve chosen a helper.

As a Helper, you can contact the advertiser through your ads menu “Contact advertiser”, after you’ve been chosen as a helper.

The contact is made through a chat where you directly will be able to come in contact with each other without leaving out phone numbers and to easily keep track at everything within the app.
A push notification is sent to the other user when you send a chat message, where we have a fallback SMS if the push notifications are turned off to make sure that it is delivered.

Why can't I contact a person before I am selected/have selected someone?

Primarily for 2 reasons:

  1. The person who advertise would get loads of text messages and calls directly when the ad was posted.
  2. All payments need to go through the platform as that also is how we get paid.

Why am I not getting any answer?

It often means that the other user haven't had the chance to see or respond to your attempt for contact. Example: An advertiser might be in a meeting, the helper might drive a car or do another pickup, or it might even be late or early in the morning where the other person is asleep. There are plenty of reasons, please be patient!
You may in the worst case cancel when the time runs out as an advertiser, or text the person you selected that they don't need to come and create a new ad if you are in a real hurry.

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