When a pickup is complete, the helper and advertiser will rate each other by selecting how satisfied they were with the help/pickup. 

The rating is an average of your pickups / ads, and also includes cancelled ads that lower the rating.

In order to keep as high rating as possible as a helper, keep in mind:

  • Always get there on time!
  • Treat others the same way as you wish to be treated
  • Make sure you pick up everything shown in the ad
  • Be careful when carrying away things so no property is damaged on the way out
  • Avoid unnecessary aborts

It is always better for your rating if you cancel yourself rather than the advertiser. The advertiser may only cancel if the time runs out (which means you are late), where your rating almost in all cases will go down.

It will take a while to get your rating back up again it it goes down. Please also note that your rating could go down a bit if you have the highest rating even if the advertiser is happy as it is an average.


To keep as high a rating as possible as an advertiser, keep in mind:

  • Make sure you've been as clear as possible in your ad, both with photos and in the description
  • Treat others the same way as you wish to be treated

The rating will automatically go down for the helping user if the pickup is cancelled. A personer cancelling a lot will be limited from continue using the platform.

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