Yes! You may keep what is advertised in the categories "Tap away" and "Give-aways".

We’re glad to hear you’ve found something reusable! Recycling and reuse is shown in two different ways in the app. Here goes a quick explanation of the differences:

If you choose to keep everything in a pickup
Click on “Not for recycling” in the list of pickups ready to be recycled and submit a reason to why you’re not recycling. For example “I’m keeping the sofa”.

If you choose to keep parts of what you picked up
We want to see that you have recycled the things you are not keeping. You do this when you “Verify recycling” and check in at a recycling center. This checkin is saved with your geo position, date- and timestamp and is our way of verifying that the things have ended up at an approved location.

Can I keep anything?
Most people who choose to keep something, choose things that can be reused or reused in any way, such as furniture and wood. If you want to keep something that usually would not be as obvious, please tell us what you plan to do with the things extra detailed so we can take a stand at this when we review the pickup.

If you are still unsure about this, please feel free to contact us through our support and we will help you further!

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