No! Each user must have his / her own account.

You use Tiptapp in the form of an private person and are solely responsible for everything regarding your account.

Each person must have his / her own account and you can only have 1 account per person. When you create an account, you will need to register your own information, your own bank account and take a picture of yourself.

This is a security for everyone including the advertiser to make sure that the right person will arrive. It's only you who may apply, pick-up and recycle any ads in the app. You will have to cancel the pick-up if you can't show up.

You're welcome to get help from a friend while they can not borrow your account. If you are a number of people who want to use the app, you need to create a separate account for every person. If we see that more people use your account, it can result in a banishment from using the app.

There is also an advantage for everyone to have their own account! You can apply to the same ad or ads at the same time.

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