Most importantly: The decision of the Environment and Health Protection Board in Stockholm City has not been implemented and as we appeal against the decision, it may take long time before the question is decided upon. You can therefore still use Tiptapp as usual. As a user, it is by no means illegal to use the app and our business continues as usual.

It has probably not escaped anyone that it was a little turbulent around Tiptapp in the beginning of October. The news about the Environment and Health Protection Board in Stockholm's decision to ban Tiptapp spread rapidly in the media and created concern among our users. We want to borrow your time and explain what it really means, what it means to you who use Tiptapp and what's happening from now on.

What the Environmental and Health Protection Board wants to regulate with its decision only concerns parts of the ad category "Tap away" and also only for the municipality of Stockholm. The decision is not implemented, so you are still free to use Tiptapp as usual. As a user, it is not in any way illegal to use the app.

The decision will of course be appealed, which is also desirable by the board. It is also clear in the committee's decision that politicians from the present majority as well as opposition are positive to our business as we share ambition regarding environmental goals and reduced environmental wear. The decision is, unfortunately, another example of the fact that outdated legislation needs to be adapted to the current reality.

We will of course do everything we can to find a long-term solution to this situation. It should be easy for all Stockholmers to do their part and together do what we can to take good care of our environment. Looking at the challenges and environmental goals we face in the coming years, it is by no means optimal to lean against a foregone regulatory framework instead of seeing the concrete benefits that Tiptapp contributes.

Furthermore, we are very much open to dialogue with parties whose environmental goals are the same as ours - because it should be easy to do right, and to promote sharing rides for things that are heading in the same direction (such as things for recycling), reducing the number of cars and individual car rides on our roads. We know Tiptapp is a popular app that solves everyday problems for many people. We will work hard so that all Stockholmers will be able to use Tiptapp in the future as well as today.

Again, we want to thank all those who engage and reach out, both directly to us but also on social media. Together we problematise an outdated regulatory framework that is in need of change. We are fighting side by side with you. Thanks!

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