Why your ad has been hidden can have several different explanations. The most common reason is that your ad has been out in the platform for seven days without getting requests. This is a way for us to keep the ads flow up to date.

If you still want to get rid of the same things, we recommend that you publish a new ad, so the helpers in your area receive a notification and so the ad will be on top again.

Your ad may also have been hidden because it violates our terms of use.

Rules For Advertising And Use of The Service

  • It is not allowed to advertise Animals in The Service.

  • It is not allowed to advertise food/household left-overs in The Service.

  • It is not allowed to advertise unrealistic offers. Tiptapp reserves the right to remove an ad or cancel an ongoing pick-up that it considers out of scope.

  • It is not allowed to advertise goods or services that are considered illegal by local law. Abuse may be reported to the police.

  • It is not allowed to advertise and goods or material that are considered dangerous to one’s health, such as asbestos or eternit.

  • The advertiser is not allowed to go along in the vehicle together with items being transported.

  • Payments outside The Service are not allowed.

  • The Advertiser is not allowed to add more content to a pick-up after an ad has been published. It is recommended to put in an extra ad instead.

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