If you have bought something at Blocket you can get it home with Tiptapp directly through the Blocket app. You see which ads are Blocket ads because they have the Blocket logo in the image.

The advertiser in Tiptapp is not the same person as the seller on Blocket, but usually the one who receives at delivery.

For you as an advertiser

To make the pickup and delivery as smooth as possible for everyone involved, it is important that you include as much info as possible about both pickup and delivery, eg:

  • Which floor it is
  • If there's an elevator and if what is to be collected will fit in it
  • If carrying assistance is available
  • If the Blocket advertiser should be contacted on arrival

Before you receive requests on your ad, you can edit it and add more information to your ad, for example if everything in the pictures should be picked up or just a part. Please be specific!

For you as a helper

If the ad's description is scant, you can click on the Blocket link in the ad. It is also important that you consider this before sending the request to pick up:

  • Which floor it is
  • If elevator is available
  • If carrying assistance is available or if you need to bring someone with you
  • If you should call the Blocket advertiser when you arrive at the pickup address

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