In recent days we have received info that people who claim to come via Tiptapp, offer people pickups for cash payment. In many cases, what has been picked up has ended up in the nature. These people act completely outside our platform and are not Tiptapp users. As far as we can see, they operate in residential areas around Stockholm. Of course we take this very seriously.

We will take action in the app to prevent non-registered users from using any kind of public information to locate an advertiser’s position. For example, from now on you will no longer be able to see the postal code for the pickup before you are selected. It seems that these people sometimes come to people who have an active ad in Tiptapp, but above all they seem to go around at random.

  • Never specify address information in your ad description; you can contact your selected helper individually via your ad if there is something specific that needs to be communicated. Your address, phone number and name are only visible to your selected helper.
  • Ask to see that the person is selected in the app and has your ad as ongoing before they start the pickup if you are unsure.
  • A helper via Tiptapp does not show up unless they have been selected.
  • All users of Tiptapp are paid via the app, without exception. Never pay cash or via Swish.
  • Our review of recycling is based on the ad being paid and confirmed in our app. If payment is not made in the Tiptapp platform , there is no documentation and we cannot track or review the drop-off to make sure it is done correctly.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us in the support in the app or via Thanks!

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