The helping users of Tiptapp are insured by If. This means that they are covered by Transport Insurance, Transport & Liability Damages and Accidents & Assaults.

Transport & Responsibility

In the event of damage to what is delivered or on a property*, the advertiser must report the damage to Tiptapp. Tiptapp makes an assessment of the course of events by talking to both parties to see if it is possible to deduce the damage at the time of pickup. In cases where a claim is made to If, If investigates the case. The ad must be confirmed and paid for in the app in order for the claim to be made.

The deductible is 2500kr and is paid by the person who caused the damage.

* For example, floors, walls. Does not apply to damage caused by moving vehicles. Please use your own traffic insurance for this.

Accident & Assault

If an accident occurs in connection with a pickup, helping users are insured via If. Please contact Tiptapp if the accident has occurred.

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