Are my things insured?

No, not automatically. Tiptapp is a marketplace that connects private individuals, it is not any employees at Tiptapp that performs any pickups, it is other users.

Can I buy an insurance?

Yes, in Sweden. We have started a collab with the company Omocom to help our users in the case that an accident happened. When an ad under the delivery category (Here 2 There) is created in Tiptapp, the advertiser has the opportunity to buy an insurance for what is to be transported*. The insurance is purchased from (and any claims are handled by) Omocom.

If you have chosen not to buy the insurance, your items are uninsured.

Omocom Insurance Terms
Omocom Fact Sheet Insurance Policy

*This requires that you have the latest version of the app. Ensure this before you publish your ad for the opportunity to insure your ad.


Damages on Property

It is your own or the the other users own insurance that should be used if damages occur on as for example walls or floors. You are both responsible to make sure you are careful where you will have to come to an agreement.

Damages by Vehicles

Damages caused by a vehicle is normally reported to the car owners car insurance company.

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