There are several situations where you as a user could be limited from the platform. Here's a few!
Please note that the most limitations are automated where you will have to reach out to our support to get help

  • Cancelled Pickups (Advertiser or Helper Cancels)
    About 1 cancellations per 10 completed is reasonable according to our statistics. Cancelling more often will not only affect your rating but will also limit further pickups from that category.
  • Recycling
    Documentation of recycling (and reuse) has to be done correctly in order to continue the use of the app. Your account will be limited if more then 5-10 days passes without documentation.
    (Controls is also made at all times where we will limit the account if anything is unclear in order to discuss it further)
  • Swish & Payment outside the platform
    Payment outside the platform will lead to a direct permanent ban of the account without a second chance as it means you are using our platform to get pickups but don't want to pay the fee for it.
  • Someone borrows your account
    Only you may use your account. It means that only you may apply, complete pickups and recycle. Any use by someone else will lead to a ban.
  • New
    Being new means that you are going through some extra controls to make sure that you understand how everything works. The account may be limited if anything feels unclear.
  • Profile Picture
    Your profile picture as a Helper has to be a picture directly taken on yourself. Anything else will lead to a limitation until it is resolved and you have contacted us.
  • Low Rating
    Om Getting a low rating indicates that something is wrong and the account may be limited.
  • Creating "Fake" ads
    Creating fake ads or trying to get advertiser to use you directly outside the platform will lead to a permanent ban.
  • Behaviour
    The account risks being limited if we get reports from advertiser regarding behaviour.
  • Fraud/Fly Tipping
    Any highlights of fraud or fly tipping will directly close the account during an investigation. This could lead to a police report.
  • Violating our Terms of Service
    Please read our Terms of Service for more information.
  • Other
    We are also an open platform where we want everything to thrive. Anyone not helping to contribute to a nice platform will risk having their account closed.
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