Tiptapp is a community of users who help each other. Together, we simplify everyday life for those in need of help while we enable an extra income for those who can and are willing to help.

As we do this together, it is important that we agree on a number of basic guidelines in order to maintain the well-being of the community and avoid any misunderstandings.

It is important that every user behaves and acts the way they expect to be treated themselves. The responsibility to make Tiptapp a pleasant experience rests on everyone’s shoulders.

When an assignment is completed, payment is made through the app. This is a requirement for insurance to be valid and for us to verify that recycling is dropped off at the right location.

Make sure to carefully describe all you expect help with using both pictures and text. The person helping you only agrees to take care of what is in the ad. This is why you cannot add more things after your ad is published.

Only apply to ads you are confident you can handle. Also, do not apply to too many ads at once. For example if you are not sure, whether items in an ad will fit in your car, if you have time, or if the payment is sufficient, just refrain from applying. When an ad is out with no requests the advertiser will be encouraged to increase the payment. If you are prevented from helping, cancel your assignment as soon as possible so that the advertiser can be helped by someone else. Make sure to explain why you are cancelling when the app asks you.

Once your ad is published ensure that all things you would like to be helped with are accessible at the specified location at the agreed time. As a the helping user also make sure to arrive on time at the correct location. Once the assignment is completed both parties rate each other and your grades may be affected by delays or unclear descriptions of the task.

Keep an eye on your phone and respond in case the other user needs to get in touch with you before or during an assignment.

The account is personal. You are personally responsible for your account and may not lend it to anyone else. You are the only one who is allowed to advertise on your account and to carry out tasks on your account. It’s fine to get help from a friend for example in moving something that is difficult to carry alone, but the responsibility will lie with the registered account holder.

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