You who want to help another user via Tiptapp (In Sweden) must verify yourself with BankID. Your BankID must be installed on the same mobile phone that you use the Tiptapp app. Your BankID can only be linked to one account and you can not use someone else's BankID as the information must match the other information that you register.

I can not verify myself?
Check that it is your own mobile phone you are using and that BankID is installed. You can not be verified with BankID on several mobile phones at the same time and you must verify yourself with BankID on the same mobile phone that you use Tiptapp on.

I have bought a new phone, what do I do now?
Download and install your BankID on your new phone and then log in to the Tiptapp app. Now you can verify yourself on your new phone and link your account and BankID to this device. It is only possible to use Tiptapp on one mobile phone at a time.

Can I delete my account and create a new one?
Since you have already verified yourself with BankID once, your BankID will recognise that you have used Tiptapp and you will thus not be able to create one more account.

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