It can vary a lot in different locations and recycling centers. For example, at some recycling centers you may need to pay or have a recycling card to throw things. We recommend that you contact your recycling center or visit their website for more information.

If you throw things at a recycling center as a company, a fee will usually be charged. In Tiptapp, it is the private individuals who help each other, the person who retrieves something via the app takes over ownership of the things they pick up. That's why it is your items that you throw away when you visit a recycling center.

Some of the bigger companies running recycling centers, do as for example take the following points in consideration when determining if you’re acting as a company:

  • Everyone arriving by car with a company name (non-service car) or who has a trailer with a company name, will be charged a fee.

  • Cars/minibuses/pick-ups clearly used in service will be charged a fee.

If you drive a van or truck, alternatively, comes with "construction waste", it can also usually be a fee. Because Tiptapp is merely an advertisement platform, you can not refer to Tiptapp when you visit the recycling center.

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